Update from Administrator – September 16, 2021

September 16, 2021

Dear Friends and Families of Valerie Manor,

This is an update on our facility Covid Status. We have no new positives to report. In our facility, we are currently down to 2 Active Covid Positive Residents in the Facility and one positive who has returned from the hospital to recover in our designated Covid isolation area. Three additional residents are fully Covid Recovered. Our last round of testing on 9/14 resulted in 0 (zero) positive Staff and 0 (zero) new positive Residents. In an abundance of caution and per CT Department of Public Health guidelines we continue to follow Covid protocols until we go through a full 14 days without a new positive event:

  1. Outbreak testing protocols for residents and staff continue every 3-7 days. During this time, regular indoor visitations and group activities remain suspended until we complete 14 days with no new positive cases of residents and staff. We are testing again Friday 9/17
  2. Outdoor Visitation, Virtual Visitation, Compassionate Care visitation, and Window Visitation are still available. Please call our Therapeutic Recreation staff for assistance. We will notify you when usual indoor visitation can resume.

We are happy to say that our staff is now at 99% vaccinated. We are awaiting the final few Staff and Vender communications to be at 100% compliant to the 13F executive order. Vaccines are available to any resident unvaccinated who wish to get the shot.

In addition, Valerie Manor Continues to aggressively work on Hiring New Members for our team. Media and advertising, Sign on Bonuses, Referral Bonuses, Increased Wages for current and incoming staff, etc., to help get more staff on board. As with the entire State, staffing remains of utmost priority, and we remain diligent in recruitment and employee engagement efforts.

With most of our residents being vaccinated, the State mandated staff vaccinations in process, and increased recruitment efforts in place, we are working diligently to maintain the safety of our residents and staff at this time. Thank you for your understanding and we will notify you with any updates.

Craig Dumont
Valerie Manor

September 16, 2021