Update from Administrator – September 8, 2021

September 8, 2021

Dear Friends and Families of Valerie Manor,

This is an update on our facility Covid Status. In our facility, we currently have 4 Covid Positive Residents in our designated Covid isolation area. Two of those are at the end of the CDC infectious stage and will soon be taken off the list. In addition, one is fully Covid Recovered. Our last round of Employee testing resulted in 0 (zero) positives for staff. In an abundance of caution and per CT Department of Public Health guidelines we are maintaining Covid protocols:

  1. Outbreak testing protocols for residents and staff continue every 3-7 days. During this time, regular indoor visitations and group activities remain suspended Per DPH Guidelines until we receive a full round of testing with no new positive cases (residents and staff) to ensure containment and safety measures are in place. We are testing again Friday.
  2. Outdoor Visitation, Virtual Visitation, and Window Visitation is still available. Please call our Therapeutic Recreation staff for assistance. We will notify you when usual indoor visitation can resume.
  3. In-room Compassionate Care and End of Life visitation is still available maintaining the core principles of Covid-19 infection prevention and proper utilization of Personal protective equipment which we can provide for you if needed.

We Continue to move forward with the mandatory vaccination plan implemented by Executive order 13B. The Deadline for compliance has been upped to 9/27/21. Our Current Status with Staff is moving along. Prior to the Executive order we were at 52% vaccination of all staff. We are happy to say that our staff is now at 92% vaccinated and climbing!

With most of our residents being vaccinated, the State mandated staff vaccinations in process, and outbreak protocols in place, we are working diligently to maintain the safety of our residents and staff at this time. Thank you for your understanding and we will notify you with any changes.

Craig Dumont
Valerie Manor

September 8, 2021